Ashley Allgood

I guess you could say that my entrepreneurial spirit first caught aflame the moment I took my first breath

I’ve never been good at openings so I’m just going to jump right on in. I guess you could say that my entrepreneurial spirit first caught aflame the moment I took my first breath. Born during the New Moon in Capricorn, and on the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn Sun, I was embedded with an appetite for knowledge and adventure.

Growing up, I never had a very clear direction of what I wanted to do as a professional. I understood my strengths and recognized my weaknesses but never really could figure out how to balance them into a career. I bounced around in hospitality and customer service for a while and even gave a hand at dental school. I eventually landed my first long term(ish) job as a manager at U-Haul, and that’s where my business management skills really began to flourish.

After 5 years in the industry, I left U-Haul and began to pursue other opportunities which led me to my first work-from-home gig, a tech support agent for internet providers. Quite the shift, huh? Not quite! I still had a desire for a management-based career and was gunning for a supervisor position with this new company. But after a year of answering dozens of phone calls a day, 5 days a week, I needed a drastic change.

Boy did the Universe throw me a curveball to ignite that change! Just as I had decided to search for a new job, I was gifted a surprise pregnancy. Eeek! How on Earth am I going to start a new career? Who’s going to hire me now? Those, plus many more, frantic thoughts rushed my mind until I heard a whisper that called to me. And that whisper was coming from Jacksonville, FL. 6. Hours. Away.

Ironically enough, my best friend had recently moved to Jacksonville which made the idea of moving a little less intimidating. So I embarked on this sporadic journey to relocating to Jacksonville and landing a job all while 3 months pregnant. To my surprise, I landed an interview with a sales company for a management position which I quickly rushed to (also a good reason to go see the BFF!) and was even MORE surprised when I was offered the job the very next day. What a dream! Or so I thought…

After emptying our bank account and packing up on a whim’s notice, my family and I moved out to Jacksonville to start our new lives. I was so excited for my first day at the new job at least until I attended my actual first day. I had been scammed. It wasn’t a management position at all. It was a door to door sales job.

Left with little choice in changing jobs (let’s be real – places don’t really want to hire pregnant women)I decided to stick it out through my pregnancy. While the company was very high-energy and boasted a lot of entrepreneurial influence, the environment was completely toxic. As my pregnancy progressed my boss became very hostile towards me, complaining every time I mentioned needing to go to an appointment. To make matters worse, an entire month before I had planned to take maternity leave, my boss approaches me telling me that he wanted me to start my maternity leave early.

Broke and very pregnant I knew I had to do something. While finding a job outside of the home was going to be absolutely impossible, I still had the option to work in tech support again. So I applied for a position and BOOM hired! But I couldn’t find myself to be excited. In fact, I dreaded the idea of working in tech support again. I looked at my start date and told myself “You have until then to figure something else out, so FIGURE IT OUT!”

After digging around the internet for other options I came across the term Virtual Assistant and found a webinar about it to watch. 2 minutes in and I truly felt that I had found my calling. “I MUST get into this industry somehow!” is what I would say to myself. So back to digging I went, but time was of the essence. Not only was I trying to beat my start date for the new job, but I was also still VERY pregnant! So I set myself a goal to get one client before my child made their appearance. The Universe heard me loud and clear because just a week later I had my first client! And just a week later I went into labor>.<

As I said at the beginning of this story, I was born on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp and I have a crazy stellium in Capricorn through the rest of my chart. Needless to say, I don’t give up or give in. The day I went into labor my client had a small task for me to handle (they were unaware of my pregnancy) and I’ll never forget the look on my midwife’s face as I typed up documents in between contractions. But I didn’t stop there! After having my baby I got an email from a potential client wanting to set up a call. So while my 1-day old son slept, I hopped on a call and landed myself a second client!

This was in 2018. The first year I spent the entirety of my experience learning the industry and narrowing down my skill-set which still revolved around my passion for business management.  At the beginning of 2019, I decided that I wanted to take my passion a step further and incorporate my own lifestyle into what I did. As a practicing witch for 10+ years, I knew that my place was within the spiritual community.

And so here I am! After many trials, errors, and failed life plans I have finally settled into my own personal power and sharing my strengths as a service while using my weaknesses as points of needed growth. I adore the life I have manifested, and even more so the path I’ve taken to get here.

More About Me

I'm married to my partner of 10+ years and we have two magickal boys together.

  • I’m a practicing kitchen witch and help manage a witchy shop with my soul sisters.
  • I am a huge The Walking Dead fan (really a zombie fan in general)
  • I’ve colored my hair every color of the rainbow at least once.
  • Cannabis supporter
  • Coffee snob
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