Much like a virtual assistant, but BETTER!

I offer a range of business support to help lighten your workload so that your energy can be refocused into the areas of your business that you love and thrive in.

I custom tailor each business support package to match your specific needs and budget. 

My scope of services include:

Email Marketing Management

Stop spending your time setting up opt-ins and email campaigns when you could be spending your energy creating the ideas for them. With my systematic approach and strategic mindset, I can help you curate content that will both grow and engage your audience for optimal results.

Social Media Management

With my effortless and intentional content planning system, I help take your social media to the next level. I help to create content by repurposing your material and sourcing images that match your brand. I also keep up-to-date batches of Instagram hashtags that will help your Instagram content reach your target audience.

Project Management

There are so many hats to wear when it comes to running a business. Making sure all the parts are moving efficiently and in sync is a job in itself! My magickal management skills make project management a breeze. Whether you have an existing team and need someone to run the show, or you just need help organizing projects so that nothing slips through the cracks, I work my magick and make it happen for you.

Pinterest Management

Call me your own personal Pinterest maven. I have extensive experience in managing Pinterest accounts, growing multiple accounts to over 1 million views consistently per month. I use a particular Pinterest strategy that I like to call my Pinterest Potion which includes the management of your pinning schedule, Tailwind Community interactions, keyword research, and designing Pinterest images for blog posts and opt-ins.

Website Maintenance

While I leave the designing of a website to the experts, I’m the person you can turn to for maintaining your website. I can set up all the extras such as landing pages, opt-ins, blog posts, product listings, all those small additions to your website that’s needed on a regular basis.

Clients & Testimonials


Dr. Laura Thompson Brady

Founder, The Nourished Home

I am grateful to have an assistant who values and believes in the mission of my business and the healing work that I do.


Elizabeth Tobin

Certified Resonance Repatterining Practitioner

Ashley is a pleasure to work with, I trust her and I value her contribution to my business.
Thank you, Ashley!”


Morgan Mos

Owner, Inked Goddess Creations

Ashley has been a lifesaver, she’s running our Pinterest (bringing us up to over 2 million views per month) and is my right-hand lady.


Ashley Stevenson

Reiki Master, Holistic Coach

I can’t live without Ashley. She’s a Goddess of all Trades!


Tenae Stewart

Self-Love & Empowerment Coach

Ashley has been an absolute gem to work with and I honestly could not do it without her at this point!

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